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We plot, we plan, we assume things are going to go                                                                       A certain way and then they don’t                                                                                               and we find ourselves In a new place,                                                                                             a place we haven’t been before,                                                                                                       a place we never would have imagined on our own

 We find ourselves looking around asking ourselves,                                                                     “How did I get here?” “Who am I?”

And so it was difficult and unexpected and maybe even                                                        Tragic and yet it opened us up and freed us to see                                                                  Things in a whole new way                                                                                                              To see ourselves in a whole new way

Suffering does that                                                                                                                            It hurts,                                                                                                                                            But it also creates. 

I’m awakened to realize that some of the most significant turning points in my                  Life have come not because it all went right,                                                                              but because It all fell apart

It’s as if the pieces of who I was had all been put together wrong to begin with                    Forced to fit in a mold in which they were never created for                                           Tainted by demons of the past                                                                                              Misplaced by pain, rejection and lies

So they needed to be busted out                                                                                                 The pieces of who I had become                                                                                                  Scattered to the ground in front of me

Nothing of great value comes without  high cost                                                                Refined in fire                                                                                                                           Pressed down and molded                                                                                                            Worn and stripped away until taken true form                                                                             Broken and put back together again                                                                                                  Taken to the breaking point, where it seemed all would be lost

Then just at that crucial moment, right before all was destroyed

Rescued                                                                                                                                         Redeemed                                                                                                                                       Stripped of all former impurities                                                                                                  Re-shapped into everything that is pure and beautiful

 It’s strange how there can be art in the agony.