I’m beginning to have a fascination with ugly things that turn out beautifully. I had never really paid attention to one of those kinds of stories until one day last week.

Hosea recounts a tragic love story with a beautiful ending. Hosea was actually called by God to marry a prostitute named Gomer, so he obeyed. After bearing three children to him she left him for other men…..more than once. As one could imagine, their marriage was shattered. I’m sure most would have deemed it permanently destroyed. And yet every time, Hosea went after her. It didn’t matter what she done, He knew what God had instructed him to do and he wasn’t about to disobey. Also, he wasn’t just going to let the woman he loved walk away.

There is a lot of symbolic meaning in this story regarding the nation of Israel and how they had turned from God to worship other idols. Just as Hosea’s wife had turned from him to other relationships. But like Gomer, Israel would receive forgiveness and restoration if they returned to the one true God and Gomer to her husband.

They did. They returned! And forgiveness, healing & restoration was found.

It doesn’t who we are or what kind of mess we find ourselves in, we are never out of reach of the lover of our soul. No matter what other idols we turn to, He never walks away from us. He never stops pursuing us. 

There is so much hope to be found for so many shipwrecked souls in this story of redemption and love.

Hosea’s wife and the nation of Israel are the perfect example of a tragic love story that should rightfully have encountered judgment and abandonment, but instead they only encountered love.