This has been the prayer of my heart lately. I mean to really love…. the way He loves. Deeply. Authentically. Selflessly. Throughout life the ability to love gets worn away at. Pain from our past, sin, hurt, rejection. Over time the walls our heart slowly constructs to keep out disappointment, hurt and pain end up serving to keep love out instead. So then this amazing thing called love we were created to give and receive can’t get in and it can’t get out.

So I’ve been begging God to show me how to truly love. To love freely. holding no part back. selflessly. unfailingly. humbly. kindly. through disappointment. through hurt. to give love even when it isn’t deserved.

I’m not sure if I had been prepared for how and who He would use to teach me to love, but I’m grateful He heard and answered me.

Now how could I go back to usual? How could I return to who I once was? I just want to take your story to the world. You are showing me how to love.