“I took care of you in the wilderness, in that dry and thirsty land. But when you had eaten and were satisfied, you became proud and forgot me.”               ~Hosea 5-6

I do not believe God uses His word to condemn us, however I know that He uses it to convict and gently nudge our hearts back towards Himself. As I read the words of this passage this morning I had one of those uncomfortable, “this is for me” moments.

How often I have used God as if He were merely my own personal “genie in a bottle”. Praying for His hand of provision in hard times, deliverance when I was in trouble, or peace when I was afraid. How often I have abused His grace by living as I please, knowing all along He would forgive and reconcile me to Himself in the end. Because He’s God, and that’s just how He rolls.

Striving to BE enough, to DO enough.

All the while I miss the whole point. I make everything that God is about ME and I forget that all He cares about is my affection and my heart for Him.  Instead, I treat my heavenly Father like a spoiled child who only wants to enjoy the benefits and position of being a daughter, without giving Him all He ever really cares about in the first place. My attention and my love.

Sometimes, in my own pride and self-righteousness I make this Christ follower thing more about abuse of His grace, manipulation of His love and compassion, and exploitation of His name and the talents and abilities that HE gave me in the first place. If I don’t constantly keep my pride and flesh under control and submitted to Him, I find myself just using God to make ME look good to others.

Then when my own well laid plans don’t work out, or something I’m attempting to accomplish flops, I say, “But why God? Can’t you see I’m doing this for you? For your name” Forgetting that words don’t fool God. He sees my heart, motives and the intent of my heart.

Sometimes in my busyness to live for God, ironically I end up forgetting all about Him.