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I’m over halfway through this book that I wouldn’t at all be exaggerating to say will most definitely change my life and is already my favorite book EVER. 

In this book, Angela Thomas accurately reveals and approaches the questions in the soul of every woman. So much more than just, “Do you think I’m beautiful” in an outward sense as the title might suggest – she writes of the deep questions, desires and cravings most of us have convinced ourselves we just shouldn’t have. Or guilted ourselves into believing God doesn’t understand our deepest longings, or that He would judge the humanity of our questions, fears and doubt.

I really like her. She is brave. Brave enough to beautifully express the questions that we are really all asking deep down inside, but are too afraid to admit them for fear that they might never be answered.

I see own my own soul in every single page of her words. It is no stretch to say that this wife, mother, writer and woman I’ve never even met, is being used by God as a conduit of healing, hope and freedom for me personally.

It is completely appropriate for me to camp out here for a while to journal and digest the many things that are speaking to me.

If you are a woman, I strongly encourage you to go. buy. this. book. But if you’re not a book addict like me, maybe even in just my own journaling you’ll find little strands of truth, hope and healing there for you too.