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So according to some dude, today is officially my last day on earth and tomorrow is judgment day. How do I feel about this?

Well, I figured I’d spend my last day on earth maxing out all my credit cards, draining our savings, overdrawing our checking accounts (since I wouldn’t be around to pay all the fees.)Buying all the stuff I’ve always wanted but never let myself indulge in. I’d eat any and everything I want, ignoring the fat and calorie content for the first time IN MY LIFE and go out happy 

The whole idea is kind of funny to joke about. But in all seriousness, what WOULD I spend my last 24 hours doing if I knew for sure it was my last? All of the things I mentioned above sound so fun. But truthfully, if it was really my last day on earth, spending everything I have (then some I don’t have) on more stuff wouldn’t be so fun after all since none of it would matter tomorrow anyway.

I can say for sure that if this day was my last, I’d spend it with people. I’d fill every waking second left treasuring time and soaking in the fulfillment that only real relationships with others can give. Because things, food, and personal image can’t give love. Only in relationship can we truly experience the one thing that this world cannot give. The one thing we need the most –


It’s that one little word our souls crave as much as our body craves it’s next breath. It’s what we’ve been designed for. Like the water of a river that flows in and out, without fail. Taking in, and letting back out again. Our souls are only ever satisfied when we give and receive love like this.

Whether 1 or 50 years was all I knew I had left,  my answer would remain the same. Material things, personal status, old grudges I’ve held, and personal opinions wouldn’t matter anymore.

People would. 

Faith, relationship and love would truly be all that mattered – if I only had a day.