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True love 

accepts others as they are without making them feel they should apologize for who they are.

Takes the time to understand those it does not understand. 

Cares enough to step out of it’s own little world for a time, and into another’s.

Fights for the weary one who can’t fight for themself.

Forgives when it would be easier to forsake.

Defends those who don’t always deserve to be defended.

Deals kindly, even when it has been wounded.

Shows mercy when judgment is deserved.

Climbs over walls.

Doesn’t give up.

Learns how to speak the language of another’s heart, not it’s own.

So much of humanity lives life desperately void of this love.
Yet still, we were made for it. 
We long for it.
We search for it.
Each of us hold the power to give at least one person within our reach a reason to believe that despite the disappointments, despite the counterfeits – somewhere still

 true love lives.

May it live in us.