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I believe that everyone has their own link of sorts to Jesus. You know? That thing you do or place you go that makes Him feel the nearest to you. In a world of constant noise and busyness, I have found it hugely important for my soul’s sake to find ways to silence it all and hear His voice and feel Him right there with me in that very moment.

Times of solitary worship when I sing words straight out of the book of Psalms to Him or sing about Him, reminding myself of who He is and what He has done for me. Sometimes even silent worship where there are no words sung or spoken, no audience, no barriers, only pure melodies that flow from my heart out of my fingertips…

This is what takes me there. Some of the sweetest times with the lover of my soul happen here. Honestly, I think it’s the primary reason He gave me the gift of music. It isn’t really for myself or even others, He meant for it to be for Himself.

How about you? What have you found to be your link to Jesus?