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It just makes me happy. For me, pure moments of joy and contentment seem to be the most abundant and easiest to find in the simple things of this season.

I would say it’s my favorite season, but the truth is I love them all in different ways and for various reasons.  I just thought I’d share that a few of my favorite things about summertime are

* sleeping in with my kids

* endless trips to the beach and the pool

* and naps all piled up in my bed once we return home

* ridiculous amounts of watermelon

* sun-kissed blonde hair

* weekends out on the water as a family

* little freckled noses

* impromptu cookouts with friends

* having a good reason to wear flip flops with everything

* late night swims

* not having to make sure homework gets done

* rosey cheeks

* watching my children enjoy childhood days

* making memories

* going for days just throwing my hair up and skipping the makeup

* hot days that give me a good excuse to eat 5 popsicles in a row

Those are just a few of the reasons why these summer days are sweet!




What is one of your favorite things about summer?