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Very first thing this morning, before he rushed off to work and I saw the kids off to school, Anthony and I started a new journey. I like to call it our “Lose a little weight & GET HEALTHY” journey.

To be honest, we have both been complaining for a while now about needing to do something different. About wanting to be able to fit into clothes we can’t get into anymore, but mainly about being sick of feeling run down and tired all the time. We realize we are way too young to feel that way and we can’t keep blaming it on life.

So….we decided there is no better time than right now to do something about it! So we are taking a 90 day challenge that I am confident will revolutionize our lives and bodies from the inside out, and we’ll lose a little weight but mostly importantly we’ll feel great!!! Also, Anthony and I will be tracking our progress right here on a weekly basis so feel free to follow along and see how we’re doing. We promise to be honest and open.

For me personally this isn’t really just about dropping a few pounds, it’s about taking care of my body. Sure my skinny jeans from 3 years ago are calling my name! But more than just that I want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that what I’m putting in my body is GOOD for it now, so that later I won’t regret what I could have done differently. Because in the end, our health is the one thing we will wish we had cared more about.

Life is precious and it’s time we started treating it like what it is.

So, here goes!

If YOU’RE up for a challenge, Join us and let’s get healthy together! Things could be a lot different BEFORE Christmas this year!  🙂