In life, disappointment will come. What we do with it is our choice. We must learn how to discipline our disappointment. ~ Jim Rohn

disappointment – a feeling of dissatisfaction that results when your
expectations are not realized. 
v. 1. To fail to satisfy the hope, desire, or expectation

It’s a word, a feeling and a reality that none of us will get through life without experiencing. It seems that sometimes we also go through seasons in which disappointment seems to be an all too familiar and unwanted acquaintance.


Honestly, I wish I knew the answer to that, but I don’t. But I do know that I’m trying to learn to stop asking, “why”? and to instead ask, “what?”

We all know that it seems almost unreasonably hard to not ask “why” when your heart is breaking. It’s hard not question the justice of the Father when things happen that aren’t fair. It’s hard to trust, when it feels like prayers are left unanswered and the deepest longings of our heart unmet for years on end.

I don’t have the answers to my own disappointments. And many of them may never be for me to understand the why.

But I just can’t help but believe, that in all of my own disappointments, there IS a “what.” There is something that I need to learn that I would never have learned without experiencing the pain of disappointment.

For me personally I believe it is to teach me how to trust in someone greater than myself….or any other human being.

Trust is hard for me. So disappointment pushes me into the arms of the only one who has the power to change a hard situation, or just heal my wounds instead.

Everything in me knows that He is strong enough to carry the weight of all of my disappointment. And yet even still, sometimes I insist on trying to carry it myself. My mind knows that He alone is big enough to handle the deepest longings of my heart. Still, sometimes I withhold truth for fear He would be angry with the honesty of my words.

But I am discovering that He stands waiting for me disrobe my heart; and even be painfully honest with Him than to keep the truth held tightly inside the deceptively “safe” confines of my soul. For one thing I’ve seen with my own eyes, bottling up hurt and disappointment leads to resentment and a hard heart in which no love from others is really allowed in, and no hurt ever gets let go. This is what robs us of a good and full life.

This is what robs us of love.

But only if we choose. If instead we will learn to discipline our disappointment by refusing to let it poison our outlook on the rest of life; our eyes are opened to the reality that life is filled with so much more that is beautiful and good, than painful and disappointing. We choose whether or not to see that He proves Himself faithful to surround us with an inner circle of humanity, created in His own image, who will love us with the love of the Father. Who will stand with us, when others do not. Who will be the arms of Jesus; the safe place in which we are free to admit our deepest disappointments.

THAT is the beauty that swallows up the ugly, messy, painful parts of our lives.

Disappointments will come. And although we may never understand the “why.” There IS a “what.” I think that although the “what” may be different for all of us, it is how we discipline the disappointments in life. Our job is simply to,

Discover the “why”.

Embrace it.

And submit to it.

Disappointment makes us bitter, or it makes us better.

I choose better.

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.
Romans 8:28

He was despised and rejected–a man of sorrows, acquainted with deepest grief.  Isaiah 53:3