More than anything, I want to live a good life.

I’m finding that a good life really doesn’t consist of outward beauty, material things, or status. But of rich, true relationships with others.

Throughout our lives, each of us experience many kinds of relationships. Yet over this past year in particular, and maybe even for the first time in my life, I have become intimately acquainted with the rich beauty of the kind of relationship you discover only a few sweet times in life.

And lately, my mind has reflected deeply on how my life has been blessed with a small circle of those who know me, and choose to love me for exactly who I am. Every part -the beautiful and the messy.

I know the pain of lost or broken relationships. I understand the heartbreak when someone you love dearly walks away without explanation. That kind of pain feels almost unbearable, and becomes more and more impossible to make any sense out of.

And is embarrassing reflection of Christlikeness and authentic love.

But as some point, you have to let it go… have to let them go. And as hard as that can seem, we can’t experience beauty as long as we remain focused on the wreckage of those that have chosen to build walls.

I can’t look back anymore because at some point, I decided to let myself be known and accepted for exactly who I was….even at my worst. That was the day I chose to let my heart experience a different kind of love. One that is authentic, true and beautiful. That was the day when I was too broken to get up on my own, someone carried me to the cross.

I understand the priceless value of a friend who in the midst of failure and the darkest time of my life would love me enough to remind me who I am in Christ. I will never know exactly how much their words may have saved my heart or my life that day. But I do know how dear they will always remain to me. In that moment, the words of a true friend did something miraculous….they breathed life into the deadness of my soul.

They didn’t tear down with judgment, criticism or anger. Instead they chose truth, grace and love. They built a bridge for me that day.

And all I know is I desperately want to be that kind of person. The kind who for others, builds bridges, not walls.

Becoming bridge builders is truly the way to a good life.

So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most. ~Hebrew 4:16