Almost every day we live, we are placed in situations in which we are forced to choose between love, hate or indifference. And although hate itself is not typically the choice most of us make; indifference however, has become our default more than many of us would care to acknowledge.


Because love is hard.
And hate is so obviously wrong.
But yet somehow it’s as If we subconsciously allow ourselves to believe that indifference is at times, even the better choice.

It is human nature to gravitate towards those for whom loving them is easy and rewarding. And to shy away from those for whom loving them does not come easy and would most likely cost us much. And once the cost of loving some has been carefully evaluated and calculated, we come to the rational conclusion that sometimes love comes with a price tag much higher than we are willing to pay.

And so we pull away when loving gets too hard or a line has been cross…and maybe we even walk away altogether.

It is true, we don’t allow ourselves to hate.

We simply become indifferent

and thus remove ourselves from the game because the stakes are simply much too high.

We carefully construct walls around our heart to ensure we don’t sustain injury or assume a personal emotional deficit

and we shut out all possiblities for love to trickle in or out.

Everytime we choose what we believe to be the better choice, the safe choice in messy situations, or hard relationships. Everytime we choose indifference, we are no better than those who have chosen hate.

Because when it comes to love and hate, there really is no in between. We don’t get to pick a “get out of jail free card” by choosing indifference and apathy when it comes to loving people.

There are just two options and one choice to make

Love, or Hate.

May we choose to do the hard thing; and choose love….

Even when it costs more than we feel willing to pay. Because the price of love, even when it hard, always superceeds the cost of hate.