Pardon me.
I’m learning my voice.
And it has training wheels.
It’s awkward.
It no longer has all the answers.
But in reality it never did.
It no longer wants to use the Christian lingo I’ve heard for 28 years.
Fresh, simple, and purposeful works best, holds more meaning, and reaches more people.
My voice likes to season things with occasional use of the colorful words it uses behind closed doors.
Because sometimes the only thing you can say after hearing about a particular situation  is ‘damn’.
And frankly, my voice is tired of being hypocritical.
My voice doesn’t have time to worry IF I will offend someone.
Because I know it WILL offend someone.
Grace tends to be offensive.
My voice.
It’s growing.
It may not make sense.
It will be in the raw.
It will flounder.
It will shake.
But the heart it comes out of loves God.
And the soul it comes out of adores people.
At the end of the day I want my voice to bring those two together.
My voice may not meet your standards now – or ever.
But I must use it. And I will.