I have to say, that for maybe the first time ever I had this unusual urge to be creative and a bit more original this Christmas season. For years I’ve always thought it would be nice make to give homemade gifts instead of storebought ones, but somehow I never had the patience to actually make it happen. This year was a little different.

Below was my Christmas gift to my husband Anthony. I went to Michael’s and bought the largest canvas they sold (48×60) primed it, then painted on actual lines from letters I had written him over this past year. It turned out exactly as I had hoped it would (a bit crooked, messy and undone; just as my normal handwriting is) and as I had intended, it’s huge so it filled up a large, empty space on a wall in our bedroom. I love that he gets to wake up and read it everyday!
The next is something he made me. A vintage style frame with corkboard, cork pushpins and twine to hang my jewelry on. I have to say I’m not a huge jewelry girl, but now that I love the place I have to put my jewelry on, it makes me want to fill it up!
This is some vintage sheet music titled “Romance” I’ve had filed away in my music stuff for years, so we just took the back out of a simple black frame and let the color of the freshly painted grey wall be the mat around the music.
Lastly, this is the ornament I’ve mentioned on my blog previously that I made to give out in sets as gifts to a few special people. I loved them so much I actually kepts two sets for my tree!
I love homemade things! They just hold so much more meaning and express love to me. I’m crossing my fingers that maybe all this is the start of many more “homemade holidays” for me. I guess we’ll see. 😉