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As the impending new year approaches, I’ve found myself spending this past week reflecting and preparing. Reflecting on what 2011  has taught me and preparing for what 2012 has yet to bring.

I adore change! So it stands to reason that I always look forward the start of a brand new year. But to be honest, I don’t really ever remember feeling quite this way about coming into a new year before.

It’s as if something deep inside me knows that there’s something a bit out of the ordinary about 2012. Maybe even something life-changing – I don’t know. But something about it just feels different; I feel different. And I just can’t help but believe that whatever is around the bend in this upcoming new year, it’s something that beckons me to step into it purposefully and boldly, with a focused mind and a courageous heart.

I sort of feel like I did those few weeks right before my babies were born. That time when everything in me should have been exhausted and worn out from 8 months of growing and carrying around another little person. Yet somehow in midst of that, there was this insatiable urge to do what I had to do to ensure that my world was in order, in preparation for my life to change forever.

That experience completely describes up how I’ve felt over the past week leading up to the beginning of a new year as I’ve been cleaning and organizing everything in sight, making lists and setting new goals.

I don’t know exactly all the ways or even how; but life will change this year. Maybe in one big obvious way, or maybe just one small step forward at a time. But the one thing that has remained imprinted upon my heart as I’ve been asking God to prepare my heart for 2012 is this one word – “Faithful.”

2012 calls me to be faithful.

In the small, seemingly insignificant, mundane things.

And in the larger ones.

In the things I am comfortable doing

and those I am not.

To follow faithfully.

To lead the same.

To be faithful in every relationship

in every new opportunity and committment.

2011 was a tough year. But it taught me much, and I will carry those good things with me. And now it’s time to move faithfully forward into the future without looking back and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of what 2012 has in store!

Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.  ~ Proverbs 3:3

How about you? What’s your “one word” for 2012? Please share below or feel free to link back to your blog!