A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.  Proverbs 14:1

I’ve seen this verse a thousand times before. Yet somehow this morning during my quiet time, it’s as if the words jumped off of the page before me and the wisdom for me in these words came alive. I realized that although most of the time I’d like to believe that I, as do most women, am the “wise woman”; ever so neatly constructing a home and four beautiful lives.

All the while tending to overlook the fact that everytime I –

neglect to make my personal relationship and time with God a priority

….and naturally, allow my flesh to take control and get out of hand

Everytime I : nonchalantly throw around words that wound like knives

belittle my husband in front of others; or in the secrecy of a friend’s company

rob my children of my love because work, humanitarian endeavors & social life get majority of my time

take lightly or completely neglect my womanly responsibility to maintain order, “make a house a home”, and take care of my family’s most basic needs

gossip about a dear friend, at the expense of her reputation & trust

don’t do my part to meet my husband’s emotional and physical needs

Everytime these kinds of things describe the woman I am, I am not the wise woman I had so desperately wanted to believe myself to be.

Instead, I become the foolish woman instead, who tears down her house with her own two hands.

That is not the kind of woman I want to be.

May we as women – Wives, mothers & friends; always remain conscious of the ability we possess to determine much about the lives of those intrusted to our care for a short time.

May we never forget who our lives were made for.
Who we are becoming.
The God we must rely on to ever become that.
The impact our daily lives have on those around us….for good or for bad.
And that we hold within us the power to be a destroyer or a builder of beautiful and eternal works of art.