Life has a funny way of turning upsidedown…or right side up for that matter. Why things change for the good…or the bad when they do doesn’t always make logical sense, it’s just the way it is.

Here on my blog for the most part, without noting every detail, I’ve written about the falls and the winters. The tough times, the darkness, the failures and the things I’ve discovered out of it all along the way. So I figure it’s only fair to and fitting to take a moment to reflect on the good times and what I’m discovering about them too.

Below are just a few snapshots that barely even begin to tell the story of our lives recently. Winter came and stayed for a time, but this season for our family now is spring. We didn’t do anything to deserve it or have any reason to take credit, it just is. I think that’s the beauty of blessings is that they just are. They can’t be earned, deserved or merrited. So we just accept them as they are and soak up every second of the sweet time of new beginnings, good change and the warmth of the sun.

For me, I can’t remember the last time I was busier, or more at peace than now…in so many areas. Over and over we have tangibly been reminded that God restores all things and that nothing is too broken for Him to mend and make it better; stronger than it was before.

As we have reflected on all that has been born in our lives over the last year or so, Anthony and I stand in awe of the faithfulfulness of the Jesus who came to rescue us from ourselves, and instead has lavished on us an abundant life in Him.

I know that as surely as the seasons change, winter will come again. But just for now, I’m choosing to take time to soak up the fresh air, feel the warmth of the sun and watch the buds turn into new life all around us.

Seasons come and go in our lives, and I think each and every one of them brings with it it’s own rewards. But when spring comes, I think it’s okay for us to allow ourselves time to stop, reflect and savor it for a while.



(picture captions)
1. I started a journal
2. Anthony and I have been reading to each other each night before bed
3. I lived to witness my little sister Sarah become an adult! 😉
4. We moved to the neighborhood of my dreams and our family is so happy here
5. Jackson and Olivia have made new friends out of their miniature neighbors
6. I started a little pottery collection
7. Anthony gave me the baby grand I’ve waited for my whole life
8. Olivia is growing up way too fast right before my eyes
9. I write from that little picnic table in our backyard
10. I started a new job…..well two actually.

Winter has come and gone….and I am overwhelmed with gratitude.