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I will celebrate and hold sacred that this day, so many years ago, He knew that I would exist. And that I would desperately need this love. It was the day that He willingly carried the weight of all of my humanity on His shoulders. I imagine that as He took the long journey to the Hill where He was to be crucified, my face was ever before Him and it was His unimaginable love for me that moved Him forward.

It was the first day that my sin and His love collided; and everything imperfect in me – every failure, everything that seperated me from Him – was swallowed up in grace.

I can’t comprehend it. So I just openly receive the kind of love that will never make logical sense.

This grace, this mercy, this love changes me and allows a way for an imperfect life to be lived out in freedom from the shame, guilt and condemnation that would attempt to entangle inself around my soul and choke out hope.

So matter how you feel, what you struggle with, what you’ve done in the past, or what anybody else may have told you…

This grace – this love that covers everything not good in meis for you too.

And unlike what Religion may have caused us to believe, we can’t do anything to earn it or deserve it.
Just receive it as a child freely accepts their Father’s love

Let it wash over your life

And let it free you.