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“But a wound that is not allowed to close will not heal.” – Cindy Beall

I read this this morning and it got me thinking – How many times have we wronged another person and then left the healing to chance and the passing of time and assumed that time had erased the wound our actions or our words had afflicted?

Wounds need closure.

And sometimes all healing requires is heart-felt acknowledgement. Acknowledging the pain of another to them personally and the two little words “I’m sorry” is just like holding a warm compress on a wound to stop the bleeding. It is only then that we get to be the initiator of healing for another.

No matter how small the offense may have been, most of us have someone in our lives that needs us to hold our hands over the wound and stop the bleeding so they can heal.

Sometime healing begins with just six little words, “I hurt you, and I’m sorry.”

As we follow Jesus, may we follow His example and choose to be agents of healing.