If there is one thing I will always be able to say that my twenties taught me, it will be that it has taught me much about people and how to have (or how not to have) relationships with them. And what I’ve been taking note of more recently, is that though the human heart has amazing capacity to love and be loved, it is extremely fragile and complex.

Nevertheless, the intermingling of the two – humanity and the heart – are what gives life it’s meaning. It’s what makes it worth living. Without relationship, without shared love, we would find that life isn’t life at all, but rather just mere existence. The heart, love, mutual trust, these are the things that breathe life into the emptiness of the human soul.

Love is sacred.

The heart is sacred.

And when someone trusts you enough to hand you theirs, or even just a little piece – it is a gift. Much bigger and special than we tend to realize.

Sometimes we forget that every single time someone extends true friendship, they are in essence handing us their heart.

What would happen if we stopped taking friendships, marriage, parenthood and all kinds of relationships with others for granted? But rather chose to view them as the precious gifts they really are. To view them all as literal hearts, freely entrusted to us to be valued, honored, treasured and safely kept.

I’d say it would change everything. Choosing to change the way we view the people in our lives who have chosen to trust us enough to hand over their heart could change our entire lives.

I’d dare to say it’s where truth wealth in life can be found.