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I’m just wondering – if you knew you couldn’t fail, what’s one thing you aren’t already doing right now that you’d run, not walk, to throw yourself into?

What would you do simply for the love of it? For free!

I’ll go first!  – I’d write. Maybe even a book or two Yep, I’d do that for free. Because when I write, whether or not a single people ever reads or appreciates my words, I am inexplicably content. I write not for notoriety, but for my soul’s sake. I am at peace, time disappears and I realize there are very few things that leave me feeling as fulfilled – not even a single one of the things I get paid to do with my life.

I can’t help but wonder how many people with a nursing degree, working 12 hours shifts, feel that gnawing ache inside over dreams they that got left behind for the sake of practicality. I wonder how many accountants wish they hadn’t given up on exploring their love of music. Or how many women in the workplace sit at their desk with chin rested in palm, day-dreaming of the stay at home family life they’d always imagined as a little girl.

Could it be that we’re afraid of confessing what we really wish we were doing with our lives for fear that saying it out loud might mean we’d actually have act on those secret desires we’ve been stuffing away, for fear that we could never be good enough to succeed at them? Or maybe because confessing the truth of that in which we long to do would make us believe that what we currently do somehow holds less merit.

I don’t know, just something I’ve been pondering lately.

Oh, and last thing – If the authentic definition of success isn’t {money, notoriety, ect.} Is it even really possibly to fail doing something you love anyways?

Now, it’s your turn!

What do you secretly dream of doing? Go ahead, confess!

Maybe you’re already doing it. Maybe you aren’t. But one thing I’m completely convinced of – it’s never too late to go for that dream.