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A few years ago I sat in living room of our “new to us” home, smack dab in the middle of the suburbs, with my brand new shiny black car sitting in the driveway – this girl that grew up down a long dirt road in the country felt as if she had finally arrived.

I laid back on my couch and delighted in the beauty and comfort of my new surroundings: the deep crown molding, granite counter tops and shiny wood floors and savored the feeling of possessing a life my parents had only ever dreamed of.

In that moment on the couch in our new living room, I felt completely satisfied. It felt exactly the way it feels to finally get something you’ve wanted, well….forever.

Then, out of nowhere…..

“So could you give it all up for me?”

was the exact words of the quiet whisper I heard on the inside of my being.

Such an unwelcomed question and total mood killer! Yet, I understood the meaning of those words just as much as I knew who it was that was softly speaking to my heart.

I wish I could say my first thought in reply was, “Without hesitation!” 

It wasn’t.

In fact, my internal response went far beyond hesitation. It was more like, “Heck no! It’s taken blood, sweat and tears to have a life we can proud of and I’m not about to let anyone mess it all up!” 

I had unknowingly constructed an idol out of four walls, paint and sheet rock.

 I gave up everything I had for you, and all I ask for in return is your heart.

His loving, quiet response pierced the arrogance of my heart….

In that moment, I realized that not because of the things, but because of my attitude, I had exchanged the wealth of His love for the worthless possessions of this world.

Lately, He’s been messing with my comfortable, neatly constructed world. As uncomfortable as it is, it’s a welcome thing because unrest, unfulfillment and dissatisfaction is all that we get left with when choose to live in that place.

May I, may we – repent of our self-made idols, and turn our hearts back to Him alone.
For only there, we find life.

This is the sure promise He is lovingly revealing to my heart…