{Soapbox alert – giving myself permission to speak freely}

I will never understand how it is that the CEO of a successful American company can go public with his personal conviction and choose to take a stand for traditional marriage, while the man who leads our nation publicly takes a stand for gay marriage and not many seem to get their panties in a wad over that.

There are several enormous problems with this particular debate. However, the largest and most disturbing problem as I see it lies not just in this one issue:

Most Americans would agree that it is one’s right and privilege to have their own convictions, opinions, and choice to live out whatever lifestyle they choose. And If you live in America, and you don’t claim to be a follower of Jesus Christ; then because of the freedom we live in, this would be a very true statement for the most part. Personally, I am not the least bit disturbed when the rest of the world (the ones who do not claim Christ) become intoxicated by and lead astray without resistance by the current Spirit of today’s culture.

What I find alarming is so much more than just how a few “good men” are saying nothing. What is truly alarming is that those who claim to follow Christ are condoning, defending; and at times, joining a very dangerous movement towards cultural breakdown.

Truth, has become relative. And when truth becomes debatable, we have huge problems. We have then moved into the belief system that there is no absolute right or wrong. This is what makes picking and choosing parts of the Bible to believe, or twisting intended meanings of Scripture so dangerous. Those acts alone, make truth become relative and we are left with no solid foundation in which to stand upon.

The way I see it, if we create an entire culture based on the philosophy that we are free to exercise our cultural freedom to indulge in “normal human behaviours” such as:

  • Abortion
  • Divorce
  • Co-Habitation
  • Homosexuality
  • Ect.

Then what basis of truth do we have to continue to take a stand against:

  • Infidelity
  • Embezzlement
  • Human Trafficking
  • Lying
  • Idolatry
  • (you get the point)

The thing is, this is not debatable; we are all sinners. And one person’s struggle may not be the same as another (which is what makes it so easy to judge another’s sin). But all of us have and will fall…no one excluded. And through my personal experience, I am overwhelmingly confident in the outrageous ability of the mercy and grace of the Savior to willingly lavish on those who truly repent, turn and walk away from whatever sin that held us captive.

But what we are failing to see is that all of these ideologies work together: break down of marriages, sanctity of human life & marriage, discrediting God and the Scriptures, or saying they don’t exist all together. There really is no separation, and yet something has managed to convince us individually and as an entire nation, otherwise.

It started when our minds became clouded with confusion about issues in which there is really no debate, which in turn opened the door to complete deception which leads to the inability to even find truth for ourselves any longer.

This topic has been something I’ve personally struggled with lately, and found myself at a place of questioning things that I later discovered, had no room for doubt in the first place. This is especially dangerous when we as the Body of Christ, the church, remain silent and refuse to take a stand for fear of others misrepresenting our stand for truth as hate, when in fact it is possible (and spiritually healthy) to hate sin, even be angry over sin, and still love the sinner with an Agape kind of love. It’s even worst, when we dance around with deception and begin to join this cultural movement away from the real kind of freedom Christ came to give us.

No one would argue, America has an enemy. One that threatens to destroy the greatest country in all of history and few are standing in the way. This enemy has proven that we haven’t really come all that far or gained much wisdom at all from the Garden Of Eden…

Our enemy, America’s enemy is still deceptively charming, filled with lies and promises he has no true authority or intention to keep.

“Our enemy knows that if you can break down the cultural tradition and basic rules of morality, then it’s much easier to move people in different directions that are counter to the good of a society and the society collapses.”
[Ed Meese III US Attorney General 1985-1988]

The true American family is being replaced and discarded.

And because of this, Norman Rockwell’s America is being turned into Hugh Hefner’s America while even many church leaders are joining the rest of the world for the party – all in the name of “freedom”.

The problem is,

Morality is simply the character to do what you should do, not what you have the freedom to do. This is the only way freedom works. Freedom is simply the fruit on the free of morality. Our founding fathers clearly understood this….

Modern day America, clearly does not.

I’m just wondering; IF Hugh Hefner became President this November, how much would he really need to change at all?

{steps down off soapbox}