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This is my small group.
(or at least one community of people I’m a part of.)

I’ve never really hung out much with people my own age.
Really, I haven’t!

Ok, so in all fairness not everyone I hang with is old enough to be my grandparents – just some.

When I was a little girl, as grown-ups do, my parents would have their friends over for get-togethers. As is natural; all the kids would end up playing out in the yard and I’d find myself sitting smack in the middle of a room full of adults. I vividly remember my mom looking over at me saying, “Rachel, why don’t you go play with all the rest of the kids?” I don’t blame her one. little. bit. And I am quite sure I eventually did as my childhood is not completely devoid of the normal child’s play moments and little friends. But inside I remember thinking, “I’d really just rather stay here and hang out with the grown ups!”

Looking back at my life it’s easy to see that I’ve sort of always been drawn to the generations ahead of me. I used to tell people I thought it would be cool to work in a nursing home so I go and around visit with all the old people and listen to their stories. HA!

And if I was to guess, I would bet that I’m probably one of the only girls you know in their 20’s who is a part of a small group of senior citizens!

And yet, I am at home. Because there is a thread woven through our lives connecting us that goes beyond generational differences, retirement accounts and wrinkle creams.

I’m not talking about a group of sour grumps who’ve already checked out on life, just sitting around waiting for the embalming fluid to take effect. I’m talking about a group of well seasoned souls, fun hearts filled to brim with life at it’s fullest and wisdom at it’s very finest!

Obviously the generation gap inevitably brings with it vast differences in viewpoints, how we do life, tech saviness and fashion choices. But rather than just overlooking them because they aren’t like me, I’ve discovered that there is an ocean of wisdom that opens up to me just in spending time with those who’ve already walked the scary parts of the path I’m on that I can’t yet see clearly. And so it (they) become an immeasurably valuable gift that God sends into my life when I consciously choose to pursue wisdom above pleasure.

It’s been said, “Keep company with young people and you’ll live a long life.”
I guess,
“Keep company with older people and you’ll live a good life!”

I’d encourage you to find yourself an older, wiser person, stop flying recklessly through life and learn to be still and just listen a while. Sit down and enjoy long savory conversations with them over lunch meetings and coffee and laugh at their larger than life stories of walking barefoot, ten miles uphill in the snow everyday to school while reminding you how easy life is now.

Who knows? Like I have, you may just find yourself falling in love with knee socks, smile lines and gray hair…. or at least those who wear them. 😉

Whoever walks with the wise will become wise… – Proverbs 13:20a
Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding. -Proverbs 4:7