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So this year, our family made the huge decision to wave goodbye to all this….

To say, “hello” to this!

So for my 29th birthday, I asked for a room just for the kids and I to spend our mornings – and that’s exactly what I got! 🙂 Let me show you around!

My husband has been working out of town during the week lately and wasn’t with me to do all the things he is naturally gifted at (and I am not) like putting entire rooms together in his head and then making it happen – I had spent hours, and I do mean HOURS sitting on the IKEA website looking through their workspace ideas, piecing together what I felt would work for the room we are in and measuring walls (all things I do NOT enjoy doing)   🙂

Although I can’t take full credit for all of the original ideas for this room, I had the MOST fun bringing them (and some of our own ideas) to life with my husband. Thanks to Pinterest and a few really great home school blogs, they gave some of the inspiration and ideas for things that really “work” for homeschooling that since we are well, BRAND NEW at this – things we would have never thought of this far in advance.

The big table idea was something I knew I wanted the first time I heard about it via another much more seasoned home school mom. I love the idea of having a workspace large enough for us to be able to work on fun projects and shut the door and leave them for the next day and not have to worry about things taking up our regular living space. We can have fun and be BIG, and messy and then just close the door and no one will ever know. 🙂

Art area & chalkboard wall. I LOVE this. A fun space for them to create is hugely important to me. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve always wished I could paint or draw or draw a straight line or be even a little good at art, that I’m hoping for a little spark of that kind of creativity in our kids! 😉

Both of the kids have their own drawers right next to their seat at the table so that they can just place their school work for each subject in a drawer at the end of the day! It will help keep all of us organized and keep the table clear of schoolwork materials so we can utilize the table space for any projects or crafts we may want to work on.

Because it was a bit pricey, I waited to be able to buy this nifty little craft carousel at Michael’s craft store for 1/2 off with a coupon! It ended up being a steal and went perfectly with what I felt we needed.

Many books and blogs I’ve read, and other moms that teach their kids at home had said that a “room” for school isn’t necessary. And while I completely agree – I know me. And I don’t function well in chaos and disorder and need everything to be in it’s place when I want my head to be clear. I want whatever will free me to help my kids learn and create and for us be able to have the most fun together. There will be many days that we will ditch the house and go have “school” at the park or on the back yard picnic tables. But overall, this room will help all of us be more organized and will keep everything learning related in one organized place. This is just how my brain functions best and what I feel will work best for our family.

Computer lab / little space for mom Because everybody needs there own little spot in the world. 🙂

School starts this Tuesday for us and the kids are away for the weekend and haven’t seen their new little corner of the world. I’m thinking of making them wait until Tuesday morning but I CAN’T WAIT to see their little faces!

Well, let the journey begin! I’ll be keeping you all posted of course!

I posted a breakdown of how we put the room together for UNDER $1,000 on Pinterest!

I’ve had so many people asking me “why home school?” “What brought you guys to that decision?”  – They are great questions with a few answers from us that that I’d love to share. I’ll be posting on that soon!