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Well, we completed our first day of school at home without tears and the kids actually want to do it again tomorrow….so I’m guessing that’s a good sign! Weeks of reading and planning aside, I felt exactly as I assumed I would – awkward, uncertain and a little scattered. The hardest part was going back and forth between a Kindergartener and a second grader without leaving either of them hanging or bored while I was working with their sibling. However we managed to pull it all together and I’m pretty certain the kids learned something and had fun!

Day one and I’m already learning things about my kids that I didn’t know! Like that Jackson does NOT like to sit still and do work on paper, but he will do the same work on the white board and giggle about it. So that’s what he got to do! It doesn’t matter to me HOW they learn, I just want it to be on their own terms not mine.

Olivia noted early on in the morning that this was very different than “regular school” and she was right! My goal isn’t to reproduce traditional school. But to find fun, creative ways to give them the solid foundation they need to become independent learners capable of teaching themselves – with assistance from us of course. I don’t really want them to get used to learning that requires a teacher standing in front of them dumping knowledge into their brains.

 I just believe that God created human beings with all the capabilities of “schooling” ourselves when we have acquired a thirst for knowledge.

I realize that so much of this process will be figuring out what works best for us, and what doesn’t. There is no failure option here except not to try at all. More than anything I want Olivia and Jackson to discover that school and learning isn’t just something that starts at 8am and ends at 12pm in one room everyday. I want them to experience that the entire world is a classroom and there is something to be learned everywhere we go, we just have to see it and take it in!

Who knows how long our home school journey will be. It could be a season, or maybe for keeps. But regardless, I can’t wait to see where we are months, or even years from now! Life goes by so quickly that it’s all too easy to forget the small details that make up the days that make up a life! This is why I journal, because I want to be able to look back and remember the small things that would have otherwise been forgotten. It’s sort of my way to bottle up time.

On to day two! 🙂