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It’s been almost four weeks since I’ve updated the blog, yet certainly not for lack of desire. I have honestly found it a bit difficult to find slivers of time lengthy enough to put my thoughts together in cohesive ways for the past few weeks. I’m sure you can understand. 🙂

So, it’s a month in and the kids are still alive and I’m still sane. That has to count for something right? 😉

No truthfully, so far (fingers crossed) we are really beginning to settle in to and are enjoying our brand new routine and way of life! I’m figuring out that I’m super grateful that the kids and I had the entire summer of being together most all of the time to help ease us into this new transition of school together every day.

Someone asked me the other day didn’t I get tired of being with my kids so much? Honestly, I haven’t yet found that to be the case. And if you know me, you know I don’t mind being honest. The thing is, I do get to work in the afternoons so maybe it’s because I have a little of both worlds that it ends up being a nice balance. But honestly, their difficult moments aside, I have discovered that my children are a joy to be around for the most part. I have found that it IS possible for young children to be obedient, respectful, cooperative and even enjoyable to be around. Sometimes we adults are the ones who set the bar all too low for them!

So anyways, since I’m overwhelmingly behind on journaling our past few weeks, here’s a “life dump” of sorts for those of you who care to enjoy!….and for the kids and I to look back and remember by!

Here’s just a little of what we’ve been up to for school outside of just the normal “desk work”!

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  • 9/11 day flag paintings
  • Daddy came back into town for good! (for now)
  • Implemented McGuffey Readers (written in 1800’s) into our schoolwork. Love them!
  • Olivia and I put up our fall wall and calendar, as the kids had been begging for one!
  • Mommy re-invented her night life (lesson planning) Oddly enough, I’ve found that I actually get some sort of sick thrill out of lesson planning. Who knew??
  • We figured out that Jackson will learn ANY way other than sitting still at a table with sheet work staring him down, so we are having to find creative ways to help him learn!
  • Jackson turned 6!
  • One morning my kids didn’t show up for school….but Spiderman & the purple princess did! Kinda weird.
  • Began a week long study of “Creation” and did a chalkboard timeline
  • Broke routine and spent a gloomy school day at the coffee shop instead
  • Finished our Creation timeline/study
  • Went on a nature walk collecting up things for our fall nature journal
  • Found leaves, acorns, fungus….and bird poop (on my arm!)
  • Lots of quality time at home, running errands and hanging at the coffee shop together