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When I was a young girl I would often turn on my favorite songs and dance around my room to the songs that made my young heart feel happy. So full of life, so full of dreams, I danced…and I felt beautiful.

I felt alive.

And I believed whole-heartedly that life was beautiful and good.

Not fourteen anymore – barely young. But some days still, silly as it may seem, I let the music play and I dance around in my room. Just like when I was fourteen. And still I feel young, still I let my heart dream big. Still I feel absolutely beautiful.

It is true that time and the inevitable hardships of life have changed my mind about many many things…

But the truth that life is sweet and beautiful and good aren’t one of them.

But at times I have forgotten what it feels like to feel alive and have stuffed my soul to the brim with counterfeit fixes – Just something to make me feel alive again; only to end up disappointed and emptier than before.


I have tasted of the bitter and of the sweet and have discovered that the sweet is overwhelmingly more abundant. And in it’s wake the bitter is soon forgotten and overtaken again by the taste of all that is good and beautiful.

Little girls grow up all too quickly, and tragically sometimes life overwhelms and we find ourselves scrambling for something to make us feel young and beautiful and alive.

We have forgotten to slow down- and to just crank up the music and dance.

We neglect to let our souls linger a while in the happy moments that come so much more often than we often stop to realize.

We age and forget that youth can’t be stolen from the heart.

One day not too far away, time will have come and gone and I will be old.

I will still feel so darn beautiful.

I plan to never stop dancing and dreaming and feeling alive – and to die with a head full of priceless memories of a life well lived and a heart still bursting full with dreams.

These are the things time can never steal away from me unless I choose it to be so.