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Well, eight weeks in and so far I do believe we are sold on this whole homeschool thing. I honestly don’t miss them going off to school and I think they’d say the same! I figure we will still be in the “figuring out how to do this” stage for some time now. I’ve had a few people asking me what the biggest positives have been so far and well, I’d be happy to share what ours have been!

#1 School days aren’t confined to one place. We LOVE getting out of the house and finding spots to change it up a bit and learn in different places and environments. The coffee shop is our favorite right now! (mainly because we get to eat goodies and we smell like coffee beans for the rest of the day after we leave.)20121025-211901.jpg


#2. When we hit a rough spot in school work rather than stressing over it, we just put the books away for a while and play. (This is also perfect exposure therapy for my control/neat freak tendancies. Yikes!) It literally pains me to let this go on, but I’m learning to let go of things having to be the way I want them to. Also, I remind myself of an initial motivation that learning should be fun! So, the kids get to be messy and creative and they have a blast! 20121025-211944.jpg

#3 We get to sleep until we wake up and do school in our PJ’s most mornings!20121025-211957.jpg

#4 We don’t have to worry about offending anyone by talking about Jesus or our faith and all the good stuff that makes our life what it is in our school. I love being able to freely share Bible stories, memorize the Word of God, study character qualities and instill Godly values in the fertile ground of their little hearts. And I love that we have to the time to do this without having to depend on a Sunday School teacher in the church to do our job.20121025-212026.jpg

5. Where I go, they go. For the most part they are with me! (except when I work in the afternoons and occasional coffee dates alone or with friends.) In the beginning this was actually something I was a little nervous about. What would it feel like to have my kids with me for so much of the day? But what I’m finding is that the more time we spend together, the better their behavior is and the more I find myself actually WANTING and liking to be around them! Kids CAN be a joy to be with instead of little inconveniences just to be tolerated! Imagine that?  Oh, and when I serve, they serve! – which is really more important than anything they will learn in any school subject this year. I really like that.20121025-212046.jpg

#6 We get to choose how (and with whom) they are socialized. 

‘Nough said.

 #7 They get to spend LOTS of time learning about things they are actually interested in learning. Jackson spends random parts of his school day building with legos and anything he can get his hands on to put together. Olivia gets to pick out much of the books she has to read for school. 95% of her books choices are books about horses or other animals.

It’s also a nice little perk that they don’t get government ideologies of what a good education is or political/cultural agendas shoved down their throats on a daily basis. 20121025-212058.jpg

8. When school starts feeling too stuffy we shut the books and go out and spend time learning and exploring the most amazing classroom ever made!20121025-212251.jpg



9. FIELD TRIPS! Because who doesn’t love field trips without having to sign permission slips, send in gobs of $ and ride on buses with 5,982 screaming, sweaty kids?20121025-212458.jpg
#10 Lastly, because WHO would be there to laugh at me when a bird $%!*$ on me at 12:30 pm if they were away at school?20121025-212355.jpg