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My kids totally think “we” voted today! Little do they know it wasn’t “we” but “me.” Anyways, they got to push the buttons and everything so to them- they voted. We’ve sort of made this voting thing a big deal so they were super excited and proud to get to vote with me today!

After we got home, as the kids and I were discussing our election choice over lunch and Jackson made this statement, “If Romney doesn’t win we will all just die!” 

Now, if you know me personally or have ever read my blog before, it is no secret I’m pretty passionate about my faith and what I believe to be true about many things. And like most Americans, I also feel very strongly about this election and which candidate would be best to lead America.

However, understanding that whoever is elected will very much influence our nation’s future for the next four to eight years and will impact it’s history – and as much as I want “our guy” to win, I do not believe that whoever wins this election has the ultimate power to save nor destroy America.

I love some things that our pastor stated a few weeks back that I believe are true: “Government does not dictate culture – culture dictates government.”

So basically, if any of us believe that we are being lead by a misguided, corrupt and greedy government of leaders – well, maybe we should all take a good look in the mirror.

But I also find great comfort in something else He said: “All authority comes from God – therefore no authority is given to any man except by God.” 

So it comes down to this for me, regardless of the end result, God is sovereign over all of this. And as I explained to Jackson, the world will not come to an end if each of our chosen candidates don’t win and we will not boycott everyone we know that didn’t vote for our pick. Because that isn’t what mature (especially Christ following) people do and certainly isn’t how I believe that Jesus would respond.

Although I truly feel it is our responsibility to stand for truth – for those of us who truly follow Jesus it’s even more vital that we not let our emotions and faith get too entangled within the inner workings of the kingdom of this world. The thing is, we are not of this kingdom, we only are living within it for a short time. Therefore, everything we say and every action we put forth should be an accurate representation of the kingdom in whom we are truly a citizen of should point to the God of our new Kingdom.

I can be at peace in the fact that the Kingdom of Heaven will eventually triumph over the Kingdom of this world and no event or history making election changes that one tiny little bit.

And if the rest of the world remembers me more as a staunch {insert political party here} rather than a passionate, loving follower of Jesus – then I would have failed to truly be about my Father’s business.

I will not join up with any political party because I have been called to be salt and light, a citizen of Heaven. I have not been called to be Republican or Democrat, nor do I belong to this world.