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best little buds!

If we pay close attention, there is much to be learned from children. Especially in the way they do relationships with others. Let’s face it, they’re just better at relationships than we are.

I have observed this the most with my son Jackson and his best pal, Reagan. These two boys have known each other as far back as they can remember and I have never seen two little men who love each other more than they do.

Their life stories aren’ t the same…. they aren’t the same. And yet still I watch them look past all that separates them from one another as if none of it even exists.

Reagan speaks with a little stutter. What I love the most is that Jackson has never mentioned it or even seemed to notice. This is refreshing in a culture overly obsessed with perfection.

These two sweet little boys represent the child in all of us, the one who still needs that kind of friend. The kind who overlooks our flaws and imperfections and loves us anyways because they know that all of those tiny little things make up the unique collection of who we are. And who we are, is what they love most!

If we would be brave enough to admit it, we all need someone to do life with, to love us despite our differences, and to pull us in us even when we are difficult.

In a blink, Jackson & Reagan won’t be so little anymore. As I watch them play and grow together, I can’t help but close my eyes and whisper a quick prayer that the innocent bonds which hold them together will never give way to the pressures and demands of the adult life that is sure to come all too soon.

Because somehow it seems that when little boys (and girls) grow up, somehow we stop needing each other, overlooking & forgiving faults, longing for each other and taking the time to do whatever it takes to keep our fragile hearts, woven tightly around another.

We need to change that.