{disclaimer: please excuses the quality of the pictures as this was the best we could do with rounding up strangers to snap pictures of us using my iphone camera in all kinds of crazy lighting :)}20130227-085906.jpg

For the greater part of my 20’s I have listened to and watched the media ministry of Jentezen Franklin; pastor of Free Chapel in Gainesville, GA. Even though I’ve only actually met him twice in person, his ministry has been a huge part of spiritual nourishment and encouragement in my life.

My favorite thing about Jentezen’s way of teaching is that he doesn’t sugar coat truth and he relays it with a conviction and boldness that makes one want to listen. Maybe I’m just one of those “give it to me straight up” type, but all I know is that for whatever reason I appreciate and value those who are bold enough to say things that others are afraid to say.

So this past weekend I got to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a really long time. Along with my husband and a couple of our closest friends, we attended a marriage conference as well as a Sunday worship service at Free Chapel!

The whole experience, especially the atmosphere of worship was everything and more than I had hoped it would be.

This is what 3500 couples worshipping Jesus looks like! 20130227-085917.jpg

We are so grateful for this ministry and what it has poured into us from afar over the years and again this weekend. And for friends who want to honor God with their marriage as we do and who know everything about us, the good the bad and the real ugly.. and still choose to walk this road with us. 20130227-085928.jpg

I don’t care who you are, every marriage needs a time of refreshing every now and then so things don’t go stale. This is one of the reasons we’re learning to make events like this one something we do on a regular basis – not because we have a bad marriage, but to help keep us from having a bad marriage. Not because because we don’t love each other, but to always be working on staying “in love.

I think we left for this weekend with the expectation of being encouraged in our marriage and spending some time away together, but what we have come away with is that and so much more. The kind of thing in which your soul feels full to the brim with faith and hope and you wish you had the ability to spill out what you’ve just experience with those around because it’s just too good to keep to yourself.

For this time of refreshing and the reminder of all the reasons that marriage is the greatest show on earth, I am so grateful.